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Group 7

As an Accredited Practitioner of Extended DISC and a Certified Leadership Consultant, Sarah offers a unique blend of expertise and practical solutions tailored to enhance your organisation's dynamics.

HR Consulting Service


Orgnization & HR Planning

• Organizational structure changes aimed at improving the operational efficiency
• Jobs, Positions & Headcount planning
• Budget & Cost Planning
• Job Description & Employment Contracts



Compensation & Benefits Structure

• Salary, Bonus & Commission Structure based on Employee
Grading system
• Benefits scheme correlated with Base Pay
• Total Rewards System



Performance Management System

• Systematic Design, Goal Planning & KPI
• Performance Feedback
• Link Performance Evaluation Results with Rewards
• Manager Capabilities Improvement



Talent Management & HR Function Optimization

• Attract, Engage, Build, Leverage & Retain talents
• Competency Model, Talent Review and Individual Development Plan
• Succession Planning

• HR operational model maturity analysis
• HR processes optimization
• HR Data Analysis


Workforce Recruitment and Retention

  • Competency Identification and Sourcing Strategy
    • Interview Skills and Questioning Techniques
    • Employer Brand & Company Culture
  • Total solution to employee retention

People Management and leadership Skills

  • Extended DISC profiling
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Handling Leadership Challenge
Extended Services Through Partnership (Construction Only)

Review & optimize operational process

• Review operational process and provide advice on client expectation, such as Regulatory requirements for Resource, Building and Engineering consenting processes, so as to achieve positive responses from approving/governance bodies
• Optimal work flow and interaction with regulatory authorities


Review and advise on construction contracts

• Review and advise on construction contracts between parties such as client & maincontractor, main-contractor & sub-contractor, sub-contractor with sub-sub contractor, focusing on the right process rather than legal claims.

Under the Construction Contracts Act, parties are required to use specific forms in relation to progress claims, payment schedules, notices of adjudication and notices of suspension. Failure to provide the required notice will have serious consequences. It is essential therefore, that proper notice is given in the form prescribed by the Act.

• The right process and forms will enable the parties the following:
(a) facilitate regular and timely payments between the parties to a construction contract
(b) provide for the speedy resolution of disputes arising under a construction contract;
(c) provide remedies for the recovery of payments under a construction contract.

Permanent Recruitment

End-to-end recruitment services which include:

  •   Interview applicants, present the right candidates to clients to fill Permanent Placement orders as required;
  •   Permanent Placement recruitment with full access to applicant and client database (local & oversea) sourced employment opportunities for applicants.

Management Development and Training

1 Entry-Level Leadership:

Focuses on building the foundational communication skills required to effectively communicate with team members and peers. This training may include effective listening, clear and concise messaging, nonverbal communication, key communication principles.

2 Front Line Management Leadership:

Focus on communication skills which drives high-performing teams, such as delivering impactful presentations, developing effective communication strategies, engage and motivate team members, interpersonal communication and how to provide effective performance feedbacks to drive better team performance.

3 Mid-Level Leadership:

Developing situational communication skills to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. Extended DISC will be introduced and used as a practical tool to assess leadership profile and form situational communication strategies in influencing people with different behavior styles.

4 Senior Leadership:

Developing the communication skills necessary to lead and motivate large teams of people with vision, stimulate higher level of performance of teams, build consensus and collaboration, and drive strategic decision-making. It includes effective delegation, persuasion, negotiation, and change management.

Workforce Training and Development

01. Best Performing Interviews

Course Objectives

Keep job seekers well informed, fully prepared, confident and armed with all the interview skills so they know how best to present and their potential during interviews;

Go over the issues and provide an in-depth analysis of CV compilation and interviewing process;

Avoid common mistakes and learn how to answer interview questions with right techniques;

Provide “mock interview” independent practice.

Target Audience

Job seekers, students, and professionals. Anyone who wants to have a winning interview

Brief Contents

1) How to prepare an “attractive” CV?

2) Preparation before the interview - Research - Selling Points - Examples - Your questions - Practice, Practice

3) The “impressive” ways to answer interview questions, - Phone Interviews - especially “behavior-based” questions - salary related questions

4) Techniques of asking “smart” questions

5) Positive ending and follow-up after interview


F2F: 3-4 hrs (Minimum 3 pax) On-line: 3hrs 9am-12 noon

02. Communication Skills - Fundenmentals

Course Objectives

Demonstrate a highly effective and quick method through communication to build collaborative relationships that emphasize trust and respect;

Enhance listening to anticipate and avoid misunderstandings;

Understand the Key Principles of effective communication Understand the Interaction Model;

Able to apply a structured approach to your communication sessions.

Target Audience

Anyone who has a need to communicate effectively

Brief Contents

1) Communication Skills while Describing

2) Communication Skills while Providing Feedback

3) 5 Key Principles for effective communication: - Esteem - Empathy - Involvement - Share - Support

4) Interaction Model: OCDAC

5) Active Listening

6) Apply the structured approach to real cases - Practice and Feedback


1 day or 0.5 day *2 times, 9am-4pm, 9am-2pm

03. Presentation Skills

Course Objectives

-To provide the awareness & practical sessions on the requirements needed to prepare and to make effective presentations.

Target Audience

Anyone who need to make public presentations in front of clients, stakeholders, peers, employees etc.

Brief Contents

-Elements of Effective Presentation

-Speech Delivering and Overcoming Anxiety

-Dealing with Hostile Audience

-Visual Aids and Techniques

-Video Presentation: Make Presentations Work for YOU

-Practical Session: Skill Building Exercise Summary & Keys to Successful Presentation



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